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No matter why you are seeking transactional funding, DMC Deal Hub can help. We provide fast, same-day, transactional funding with zero hassle or wasted time. Learn how we can help close your next deal…

Transactional Funding For Real Estate Wholesalers

Get the Funding You Need for Your Deal – As Soon As Same Day!

We understand the importance of moving fast when trying to close a deal. As investors ourselves, we know how to close deals faster, with less hassle. When you work with DMC Deal Hub, you will be able to complete any double-close transaction right away – making money faster.

On this page, we’ll cover how we use transactional funding for your deals so you can grow your business and achieve your wholesaling goals faster.

How Does Working With DMC Deal Hub
Help You Reach Your Goals?

 Transactional Funding
With DMC Deal Hub
Bank Financing
Time To Approval: INSTANT–so as long as borrowers are closing both transactions on the same day, with the same title company.*2-3 weeks
Down Payment:$0…DMC Deal Hub funds 100% of your purchase, including any closing costs and fees.20%-30%, often totalling 100’s of thousands of dollars
Time To Fund: As soon as same day!1-3 months
Loan Qualification Criteria: There are no personal financial requirements to obtain Transactional Funding.Must fit their rigid guidelines
Cost: 1% of the purchase price up to $1,000,000 (minimum fee of $750)**
For rates over $1,000,000, reach out to us directly.
In addition to significantly higher interest rates than 1%, there are tons of additional lender costs and fees with bank financing, such as appraisals, inspections, insurance, origination fees, etc…DMC Deal Hub requires none of that.
How We Work: We’re real estate investors too. We look for entrepreneurial ways to make deals happen!Often bound by corporate red tape and bureaucracy.
*We can fund in other circumstances, but additional underwriting is required
**Call for rates over $1,000,000…there are NO UPFRONT FEES and NO FEES if the transaction does not close. All transactions have a $100 processing fee which covers wire and release charges.

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Find Out if Fast and Flexible Transactional Funding is Right For You!

There’s a significant problem in the real estate wholesaling industry. Some lenders offer transactional funding but make it too difficult for borrowers to qualify, OR not follow through on closing day, leaving borrowers stranded and unable to close a deal. Wholesalers can lose their fee and even in some cases, face lawsuits from the seller and/or end buyer who expected a fast transaction.

At DMC Deal Hub, we are experienced real estate investors and we know the challenges you face daily. That’s why we offer the best transactional funding that fits YOUR needs as a real estate wholesaler.


All we need to fund is two simple requirements.

1. Funding of both transactions must be on the same day

2. Both transactions must be funding with the same title company.

As long as the borrower is doing this, you are automatically approved!

We can fund in other circumstances, but those require additional underwriting. We can also lend across any asset class, as long as it is real estate. So we can lend on single family, multi-family, raw land, commercial, villas, any and all real estate classes.

  • Single-family
  • Multi-family
  • Raw land
  • Commercial
  • Villas
  • Any and all real estate classes

How To Qualify For Transactional Funding From DMC Deal Hub.

Our transactional funding qualifications are simple and incredibly easy to attain–so long as borrowers are closing both transactions on the same day, with the same title company, you are instantly approved.

Just a Few of the Real Estate Classes We Fund:

Here’s An Overview Of The Application Process:

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To expedite the funding process, ensure that your contact information is accurate.

Once the paperwork is done, you will receive the transactional funding you are seeking. You’ll be able to get to work right away on your deal and accelerate your timeline to cash flow.

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